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    Originally, the waterfall was named Magdapio Falls, of Cavinti, Laguna. In the summer of 1902, An American Presbyterian missionary, Reverend J. Eugene Snook, happened to visit the Magdapio Falls. He was enchanted to see the falls and was thrilled by "shooting the rapids". Upon his return to Manila, he wrote a story...

Pagsanjan Falls

Rafts Banca ride to Pagsanjan Falls The Falls

... of his visit to the falls which he named "Pagsanjan Falls". His story, with an accompanying photo of the falls, was published in a popular Manila newspaper, The Cablenews American, and was widely read in the city and in the provinces. Thus the waterfall came to be known as Pagsanjan Falls, a name which has gained fame in the tourist world.
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Campana, Pagsanjan Roman Catholic Church

Potograpiya by:
Nelson L. Cortez