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Pagsanjan, Laguna PHILIPPINES

"Famous in song and story is the little town of Pagsanjan (pronounced ´Pag-sang-han´), situated about 92 kilometers south of Manila and can easily be reached by car or bus in less than two hours. It is world-renowned not only because of the Pagsanjan Falls, whose enchanting beauty fascinates tourists from all corners of the globe, but also because of its panoramic vistas, its fine homes and lovely women, and its talented citizens, whose achievements in war and peace reflect glory to the Filipino nation, and its cosmopolite culture which is a harmonious amalgam of Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, and American heritage." ...Dr. Gregorio Zaide

Pagsanjan, the tourist capital of the province of Laguna and one of the premiere world-class tourist destinations in the Philippines, is gifted with natural wonders and scenic views!

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Experience the exciting canoe (banca) ride on the trip to Pagsanjan Falls &
"Shooting the rapids" an unforgettable thrill of a lifetime!

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